How I Broke My Phone

How did you break your phone?
Here are some stories from our customers. Send us yours and we will put it here!

“I dropped my iPhone on concrete while unstrapping a load. Then, unknowingly, pulled a 90,000 lb tractor trailer truck over it. In the process I crushed the phone on both sides along with the Lifeproof case! Cellular Source was able to fix the screens and get my iPhone fully operable.
-Mel L.

I left my iPhone 4 on my saddlebag and took off. I got home and realized what I had done. I had my daughter do the find iPhone thing and it was located about 2 blocks from work on the side of the road. This thing had been ran over at least once. Both sides are shattered. The phone still works. You can’t use the screen, but it connects to my bluetooth in the car and you can still call out and receive calls. It still charges. Hopefully it can be repaired for less than the cost of buying a new one!
-Russell F.

So… I was writing a paper in my college dorm. Pay attention, this is of geographic importance: my phone (flip phone at the time) was sitting peacefully next to my laptop; my laptop on my desk next to my fish tank; my printer on the shelf above my laptop and tank. I finished my paper! Wahoo! I began to print my paper when my printer began to explode yellow ink all over my desk, laptop, phone, bed, etc. I used my phone to prop open the lid of the printer in attempts to fix the ink volcano. My flip phone decided that this was not in its job description and out of scope of its current contract… He snapped shut… and fell to his death into my fish tank. He did not go out without a fight though. On his way out, he electrocuted my fish.
-Shannon Q.

I was working as a forklift operator loading flatbed trucks. My Motorola Razor (original flip phone) was in my lap.. I put the forklift in reverse and the phone slid off my lap and hit the pavement right as I was turning around. It ended up under the tire of the forklift… Those phones were the thinnest phones of their time but after this happened mine was thinner than most slim phones of today!
-Tim B.

I accidentally left my phone at home on my rush off to work one morning. I missed it so much as I am a text-a-holic and couldn’t wait til lunch break so I could run home and pick it up…when I arrived I noticed little black plastic fragments on the floor but had no time for that, I had to get my phone and get back to the job. As I continued into my bedroom I noticed a tail up under my bed wagging nervously. I lifted up the bed skirt and there lies Gizmo, my dog, with tiny pieces of cell phone all around him…and that’s the end of that….lol it wasn’t funny then!
-Faith D.

I was helping my 3 year old “finish up” after he was done with his “business” in the bathroom. My iPhone slid out of my front pocket and into some nasty, nasty toilet water. After seeing my phone light up under water, I fished that sucker out but it was fried.
-Ryan H.

I lost mine holding it out the sunroof of a car going down a highway to West Virginia thinking I could get better reception…
-Andrew C.

My phone bounced off baby stroller and landed face down directly on uneven sidewalk. Cracked!
-Tiffany A.

I used to carry mine in my back pocket at the club so I wouldn’t have to carry a purse. Fell out my back pocket into the toilet at Banana Joe’s (circa 2000 or 2001ish??) Gross.
-Alana S.

My wife likes to leave hers on someone’s car and they drive off. To be found in the street later!
-Casey C.

A few years ago I was struck a tragedy. I was at work and traveling to my floor on the elevator. Some one stopped to get off the elevator on the third floor and then it happened. For some reason I lost grip on my iphone and it went flying out of my hand. I couldn’t have reproduced this if I tried but it bounced once and then perfectly slipped through the space between the elevator and the shaft. I could not believe it! The maintenance guys retrieved the phone the next day and not surprisingly after falling three floors to the basement was smashed pretty badly.
-Campbell M.

I claimed nextels were unbreakable. Ariana threw it on floor at Riley’s. They are not unbreakable.
-Tim B.